Banco de Gaia – Wimble Toot

The first single from Banco De Gaia’s new album, “Apollo”, the “Wimble Toot” EP features the title track, with amazing saxophone courtesy of Matthew Jenkins, and some pretty crazy remixes.

Toby’s original partner, Andy Guthrie, has donned his 100th Monkey guise to turn in a sweet reggae mix; Merv from Eat Static has provided a suitably bonkers psychedelic Gypsy/Balkan banger while Misled Convoy from New Zealand’s Pitch Black has stripped the track totally back to create a bass heavy, dubwise soundscape.

1. Wimble Toot
2. Wimble Toot (100th Monkey Remix)
3. Wimble Toot (Eat Static Remix)
4. Wimble Toot (Misled Convoy’s Pastscape Remix)