V/A – In the Blink of an Eye

In 1998 I formed Disco Gecko Recordings as an outlet for my Banco de Gaia music as I couldn’t find another label that I was happy to work with. My earlier experiences working with both independent and major labels had left me less than convinced that I would find anyone who actually understood, or cared about, what I was trying to do, so I thought I had better just do it myself. It can’t be that much work, right?

I meant to add other artists to the label eventually but it wasn’t until 2014 that I finally found the time to do so, releasing Andrew Heath’s gorgeous album The Silent Cartographer.

Since then I have released albums and EPs by a bunch of other artists, always looking for music with heart, integrity and beauty. Unlike many peoples’ preconceptions about Banco, this isn’t a dance music label, although there is some of that. Rather, it’s an outlet for anything from ambient instrumentals to midtempo floor stompers via experimental electronics and traditional (and not-so-traditional) instruments.

To mark 20 years of the label I decided to do something a bit more interesting than just a ‘best of’ compilation. As there are now nine artists releasing music on the label, plus various ‘associates’ (such as Andy Guthrie who was with me at the birth of Banco and still remixes and contributes the odd track when he can), I decided to ask them to each remix each other. The pairings were picked randomly but the results are anything but. With tracks covering the full range of what we have to offer, this compilation showcases the talents of writers, producers and performers of the highest quality. Every track is a unique journey into the minds and personalities of two different artists, often working in very different styles, and the results are definitely more than a sum of the parts.

20 years has gone by in the blink of an eye. Hopefully this album signposts the way ahead for the next 20 (and beyond).

1. Andrew Heath – A Stillness of Place (Radium88 Remix)
2. Sophie Barker – Road 66 (LO18 Remix)
3. Simon Power – How Proud We Are (Banco de Gaia Remix)
4. Radium88 – Heavy Water Falling Stone (Simon Power Remix)
5. Banco de Gaia – Glove Puppet (Sophie Barker and FastLap Remix)
6. dr trippy – Darjeeling Daydream (Dragonfly Trio Remix)
7. 100th Monkey – The Inuit Snow Song (Andrew Heath Remix)
8. Dragonfly Trio – Up (Animat Remix)
9. Animat – Translucent Transparent (dr trippy Remix)
10. LO18 – Huima (100th Monkey Remix)
11. Radium88 – Bury Each and Every Prayer (Simon Power Remix)