Christian Wittman – Impressionism

Impressionism draws its inspiration from nineteenth-century French paintings by Manet, Monet and Van Gogh, and the particular sensory and visual universe that accompanies them: steamy landscapes, the interplay of colours, reflections on water and moving lights that created evanescent visions in a landscape.

The resulting album is minimalist and sensitive, evolving soundscapes with an aesthetic close to classical chamber music, enhanced by electronic colours and textures.

Impressionism deepens the aural universe found on Christian Wittman’s first album for Disco Gecko Recordings, Shadows of Fading Time, unwinding the threads of an intimate, introspective sonic journey to lose oneself in a labyrinth of images and atmospheres imbued with a gentle, contemplative melancholy.

  1. Sunset at Giverny
  2. Luminous Waterlilies
  3. Silver Reflections
  4. Field of Sunflowers
  5. Floating Perception
  6. Random Colour Spots
  7. Retinal Persistence
  8. Japanese Garden
  9. Harmonic Landscape