Professor Chill – Flow State

The Flow State EP is inspired by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas that flow states – those moments when you are completely absorbed by something – are a secret to happiness. The tracks aim to engage with what different contexts describe as ecstatic trance, altered states, entrainment, or unconscious processes, looking for connection with oneself through presence in the body and stillness of the mind. Influenced by a syncretic fusion of a number of mystical traditions, as well as the study of the sonic cultures of our ancient ancestors, the intention is to provide you with a place that affords enough space to be, rather than to think.

Professor Chill is a longstanding fixture of the chill out scene, with a mixed background as both an electronic music producer and a qualified sound scientist. Unlike the colourific professors Green and Plum, Professor Chill was awarded his very real title as a result of his academic career, having studied with composers such as Gavin Bryars and Katharine Norman, gaining the first ever PhD for writing any kind of popular music. At the same time as his intellectual studies, he has written, released and performed electronica; his last album Dub Archaeology was released in 2018 on Twin Records and you might have seen him performing live at European music festivals such as Glastonbury, Boom, Anthropos, Schiev, Samsara, Utiopia, or CTM. His influences are very broad, but there’s something of Leftfield, Eno, Groove Armada, John Cage, and Deep Forest in there, generating an uplifting mixture of gentle groove and tuneful tranquillity.

This new EP of euphoric electronica features two solo tracks and three collaborations with Sheffield linked artists: ‘Beauty’ was co-written and produced with Anne Garner, who also plays flute on the track; ‘Dawning’ was a joint production with Planet Zogg promoter and DJ Johnny M; ‘Lost Boys and Sand Dunes’ was co-produced with Andy Vonal, who is perhaps better known as techno producer Vonal KSZ, and features folk singer Tegwen Roberts.

1. Dawning
2. Beauty
3. Oblivion
4. Flow State
5. Lost Boys & Sand Dunes