Dragonfly Trio – Hopes and Other Anomalies

For Dragonfly Trio’s second album for Disco Gecko Records, the band dive deep into the emotions that are evolving all around us – hope and change, fear and love, failure and forgiveness. Driven by Trā Sipple’s seductive vocals, and supported by Phil Otto and mcthfg’s production, “Hopes and Other Anomalies” showcases not only the trio’s unique style of songcraft, but also invites the listener to feel optimism as well.

Having bonded online over their love of dub, downtempo, and trip hop, the trio embarked on a long distance relationship, bouncing files from Topanga Canyon (where Trā and Phil live) to Changwon (home of mcthfg) and back again. Their self-titled debut came out on Disco Gecko in 2017, and, having enjoyed the challenges and highs making it presented, they’ve continued to work together ever since.

The tracks on “Hopes and Other Anomalies” are centered around feelings of optimism in a time of cultural dissonance: ‘Everybody’ builds on the theme in Leonard Cohen’s famous song of lament and longing for a better society for all; ‘Darker Days’ is a consideration of the artist’s feelings during these challenging times while ‘Free’ is a rallying cry for a future where we feel we can truly live. ‘Her God’ is a reminder that love is the ultimate answer to hate and division and the album closes with ‘Dream’, a call for hope.

Join Dragonfly Trio on their journey, through soundscapes and beats, towards a better future.

1. Everybody Knows
2. Darker Days
3. Free
4. Her God
5. Dream