dr trippy – All Cows Eat Grass

dr trippy’s latest EP, the interestingly named All Cows Eat Grass (more on that later), reflects his current listening – a mix of progressive chill and Balkan beats. Add to that his usual smattering of Patois and traditional Indian instrumentation, throw in some Russian rapping, support with oodles of analogue synth and a soupcon of industrial percussion and you have the latest welcome addition to the Punjabi swamp music oeuvre.

The title is a mnemonic aid to learning the bass clef in music and, as it happens, bass takes a bigger role on this EP with the first four tracks being in the key of A, C, E and G respectively.

1. Kali Hari
2. Delysid Dub
3. Willow
4. Ragga Reel
5. Swamp Life