Christian Wittman – Shadows of Fading Time

For his stunning debut release on Disco Gecko, Christian Wittman invites you on an extraordinary soundscape journey, weaving different threads of ambient and minimalist music to create “Shadows of Fading Time”.

The nine compositions on the album, his 49th solo release, explore the concept of intimate chamber music, where delicate acoustic tones and electronic sound design unfold to reveal a beautiful and poetically fragile listening space, full of visions, memories and atmospheres.

A founding member of the highly influential French collective Lightwave, who have been tracing a unique, creative path in the field of electronic and ambient music since the 1980s, Christian Wittman’s work is found at the transition between ambient and space music, with a strong emphasis on sound design and textures.

“Shadows of Fading Time” creates immersive listening spaces infused with fragility, allowing the listener to freely project his inner films on a screen of sighs, melodic sketches and harmonic mirrors.

1. Blurred Vision
2. A Shade in the Mist
3. Paths of Memory
4. The Invisible Ones
5. Haunted Nights
6. Indefinable Presence
7. Rustling Souls
8. Silent Travellers
9. A Shadow is Passing By