Children of the Bong – Sonic Ambulance

Two young hippies, freshly turned 18 and hanging out in squats around Camden, stumble upon an abandoned Ambulance on the street. Unlocked, they get in to the stripped out back and both had the same idea ….. mobile studio! They dreamed big, they could make music wherever and whenever, they’ll call it Sonic Ambulance to create music that transports you to another dimension, they’ll come back the next day to make it all happen and …. Oh shit, It’s been towed away!!

Reality hits hard but the name and the musical mission remains…

Rob and Daniel set about making music in the age old tradition of jamming until something stuck, armed with 70’s synths sourced from Loot, a mixer and FX from local 2nd hand shops plus a sampler bought with money stashed away for a different type of education. What they discovered was a love of harmony in all its forms, and this is the theme that glues these tracks together.

These are the recordings of that time, 100% live with no overdubbing or sequencing.

  1. Ambient Suicide (Half an oz later…)
  2. Shanta (Principle Mood)
  3. Symbiotic
  4. Semblance
  5. Bass and Weird Noise Experiment Parts 1 & 2
  6. Hallucinogen