Banco de Gaia – Rewritten Histories Vol.5: 2017-2022

The fifth installment of the Rewritten Histories series focuses on remixes and alternative mixes of Banco tunes recorded between 2017 and 2022.

It features: remixes created for the 20th anniversary editions of “Big Men Cry”, “The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia” and “Igizeh”; the stunning re-works of “Heliopolos” and “Obsidian” by Framewerk and their Capital Heaven crew; plus two brand new remixes of “Fake it til you make it” by long-time collaborator Andy Guthrie under his 100th Monkey guise.

1. Heliopolis (Framewerk’s Floating In Space Mix)
2. Glove Puppet (Simon Power Remix)
3. Obsidian (Framewerk Full On Mix)
4. No Rain (dr trippy Remix)
5. Creme Egg (Banco de Gaia Remix)
6. Gizeh (Animat Remix)
7. Star Station Earth (100th Monkey Remix)
8. Obsidian (Braxton Remix)
9. I love Baby Cheesy (SunUnderWater Mix)
10. B2 (dr trippy Remix)
11. Fake It Till You Make It (100th Monkey’s Ambyss Remix)
12. One Billion Miles Out (One Billion Hearts Mix)
13. Glove Puppet (Sophie Barker and FastLap remix)
14. Gates Virtually does the Windows (Digidub Reconstruction)
15. Sixty Sixteen (Andrew Heath Remix)
16. Obsidian (Framewerk Reprise)
17. Fake It Till You Make It (100th Monkey’s ZNA Remix)
18. Heliopolis (Framewerk Rewerk)