Banco de Gaia & Future Pasts – A Bee Song

Based on a traditional Damara (Namibian) song that praises the honey bee, A Bee Song brings Banco de Gaia together with the Future Pasts project to create an uplifting and vibrant track full of life and humanity. With an infectious groove and a buzzing bassline, the track is guaranteed to get heads nodding and feet moving.

The motivation for this re-composition was to bring an indigenous praise song, recorded in 1954 and archived by Basler Afrika Bibliographien in Switzerland, to a contemporary audience as a way of supporting Damara cultural heritage in Namibia. As few people survive who remember the old songs and dances, the hope is that through this collaboration, and the wider Future Pasts project, this musical heritage will live on.

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Cover image is of the |Giribes plains, north-west of Sesfontein. Composite image created by Sian Sullivan and Mike Hannis from aerial photographs, Directorate of Survey and Mapping, Windhoek.”