Animat – Earplay

Earplay, first released on Big Chill Recordings in 2008, was the first full-length album by Sheffield-based ambient electronica duo Animat.

Featuring tracks composed for Animat’s acclaimed live soundtrack to David Lynch’s film The Straight Story, Earplay is awash in treated guitars, found voices, flutes, trumpet and melodica, all combined with a rich mix of lush chords, electronic beats and loops, plus stunning contributions from guest vocalists Lisa Palmer and Sanchita Farruque, best known for her collaborations with Nitin Sawhney.

For the 2020 digital reissue, all the tracks have been lovingly remastered.

1. Hummingbird Highway
2. Deep Space Lament
3. Mirador
4. Earplay
5. Marquette Party
6. Riverbed Road
7. Starstruck
8. Children of Japan
9. Second High
10. U for Up, D for Down
11. Lie Detector
12. The Closer You Get