Andrew Heath – Short Stories

In contrast to the more open sound of recent releases, Short Stories presents a more intimate and inward looking perspective. Originally conceived as a series of piano sketches and experiments, Andrew refined these, adding field recordings and then subtle electronic tonal elements, but always with the intention of keeping the idea of laconic vignettes, of brief glimpses into half crystallised thoughts.

Deliberately keeping the arrangements sparse, his signature piano playing is more delicately melodic than previous recordings. There is a sprinkling of melancholia, just as there is with much of Andrew’s work but here there is also a hope and a quietly observed celebration of the human condition. Andrew has also renewed his love of the work of poet, Maria Stadnika in ‘The Poet’s Garden’, spoken in her native Romanian.

Short Stories reflects those wonderful collections that many of us read as children. It’s narrative includes pieces that are playful ideas or amusing instances of happenstance whilst others are deeply personal and some that touch upon fleeting moments that you can’t quite put your finger on.

01. A Delicate Hesitation
02. Lines Below Ground
03. The Trees Seem Closer Today
04. La Tête dans les Nuages
05. Waldeinsamkeit
06. The Ideas Collector
07. Tales of Winter
08. Hylas and the Nymphs
09. Eurydice
10. The Poet’s Garden
11. Mapping Tumuli
12. The End of Summer
13. I Miss You
14. You are Number Three