Andrew Heath – Short Stories (Addendum)

Short Stories (Addendum) presents immersive and dreamlike remix versions of selected tracks from the Short Stories album. These are drifting tone collages full of beauty and tranquility. Having created the sparse sketches and more intimate arrangements for Short Stories, Andrew selected a number of tracks for further work, dropping much of the piano and melodic elements to create remix versions, adding texture and tonal elements to create beautiful pieces that inhabit so well that intimate space between sleeping and waking.

1. Waldeinsamkeit (Adendum remix)
2. Mapping Tumuli (Addendum remix)
3. A Delicate Hesitation (Addendum remix)
4. Eurydice (Addendum remix)
5. Hylas and the Nymphs (Addendum remix)
6. The Trees Seem Closer Today (Addendum remix)
7. I Miss You (Addendum remix)