Andrew Heath – A Trace of Phosphor

“A Trace of Phosphor” is an intimate new body of work from Andrew Heath. Drawn from the cathartic dark of winter days, the album features sublime piano tone-clusters and field recordings amidst experimental, discordant shimmers.

An intensely personal collection, many tracks reflect the darkness of winter and were mainly recorded at night. The result is a sombre and more melancholic sound than Andrew is known for, but one that ultimately remains immersive, moving and at times beautiful.

“A Trace of Phosphor” was written and recorded at Andrew’s home in the Cotswolds, England and features divine soprano saxophone contributions from Lydia Kenny on two tracks, ‘Will the Angels Still Hear Me?’ and ‘I Sleep Above the Forest’.

1. Instructions for Grief
2. I am Hiding
3. Will the Angels Still Hear Me?
4. As Shadows Gather
5. The Airwaves Call Us
6. I Sleep Above the Forest
7. Weightless Again
8. Balm For the Sleeping
9. Fragments of Lost Days Found
10. Black Days
11. Undertow
12. Slipping Away