Andrew Heath – Landscape Studies No.3

The Landscape Studies series reflects the huge influence of location on Andrew Heath’s practice: not just the countryside or city around him, but further places that he has visited and even those in distant memories. The series focuses on what he draws from these environments, and allows him to explore a number of themes dear to him, including the way mankind has imposed on, and shaped, the landscape in which we find ourselves.

Landscape Studies No.3 takes us to winter and the season’s cold grasp on everything around us. Everything is quiet, everything sleeps. But, listen carefully and you’ll hear the dripping of melting snow from trees or a glistening stream not yet frozen. Even the light is different now – gentle soft colours and tones that obscure the distance or a moon lit radiance on the soft snow.

The release opens and closes with field recordings: Andrew has amassed a huge library over the years of sounds taken all over the world that are used in his music. Here, they are presented in a raw and untreated form, and help to concentrate the listener’s mind on what these releases represent.

1. Oslo, Lufthavn (12.04.2023)
2. Forest
3. Snowfall
4. Travelogue
5. Sollia, Norway (17.04.2023)