Andrew Heath – Evenfall

Softer and darker, yet more open and minimal than previous releases, Evenfall continues Andrew Heath’s fascination of, and experimentation with, ‘found sounds’ and treated field recordings, around which he weaves shimmering electronics and delicately phrased piano. He has expanded to include two new elements in his musical armoury, guitar and tape manipulation, which he balances with sounds as diverse as the clicking of electric fences and the drone of a ship’s engines. The results are magical: filigree piano work, dictaphone tape textures from another age and soaring cloud guitar combine to create otherworldly beauty.

Evenfall is inspired and informed by the dimming of daylight and the coming of night from one particular moment. “One evening late last year, I found myself recording in remote woodlands. I stood still, pressed record, darkness fell, it started to rain… as I remained silent, so the sounds around me emerged and came to life.”

Evenfall was recorded in the Cotswolds, England late last year and this spring, and features two collaborations: a stunning and sublime soprano saxophone by Lydia Kenny on ‘The Still of Evenfall’ and the intimately powerful voice of poet Maria Stadnicka on ‘The Garden Reveals Itself’.

1. Flow State (mirror sea)
2. Artefact (tape fragment)
3. Feldspar
4. The Still of Evenfall
5. Always Falling
6. The Garden Reveals Itself

Digital only (available as a code for all direct CD orders)
7. An Age of Innocence
8. Remembrance