100th Monkey – Space Dubs and Other Miscellany

100th Monkey’s “Space Dubs and Other Miscellany” release collects previously released, hard to find and unreleased tracks recorded between 1992-2017.

AKA Andy Guthrie, he is known for his work with Banco de Gaia, Medicine Drum and Prana amongst others, but here for the first time is a collection of his own downtempo tracks.

From his 90s dub releases on Planet Dog and Dubmission to the tracks written for Flying Rhino’s Eclipse compilations – as well as unreleased or little known gems – this collection shows both the variety and coherence of his work.

1. Hoffman Dub
2. Backwater Dub (Purple Pineapple Mix)
3. Eclipse Dub
4. Moonchild
5. Until The Dawn
6. The Inuit Snow Song (Icescape Secret Beats Remix)
7. Blue Tube
8. Schumacher Levy No. 9
9. Oculus
10. Empyrean
11. Up & At It
12. Marakch