Radium88 – Perpetual Emotion Machine

Perpetual Emotion Machine is the 9th album by Radium88 and their first full-length release on Disco Gecko.

Over the years, Radium88’s sound has evolved into an evocative blend of artful electronica with neo-classical piano and futuristic dream-pop. Here and there are splashes of folk, jazz and psychedelia, creating ethereal and mysterious atmospheres.

While not a concept album, there are recurring themes of the evolving relationship between human and machine. Tracks feature lush ever-shifting textures, chiming, whirring, pulsing synths, the click and clack of exact clockwork, overlaid with echoing heartache-laden vocals of crystalline purity.

1. Places Only Visited In Dreams
2. Heavy Water Falling Stone (Hear The Angels Mix)
3. Slave To The Algorithm
4. Elegy 1
5. Counting Down
6. Shadow Laughter
7. Circle Six
8. Bury Each And Every Prayer
9. Elegy 2
10. The Perpetual Emotion Machine
11. Elegy 3
12. Our Lives Viewed in Parallel Mirrors
13. We Have You Surrounded